Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is Getting Very Scary

So, I walk into a CVS a few days ago. I hadn't been there or, apparently, any other stores for awhile. But, I had to pick up some presciptions, so there I was. As I'm walking to the back to the actual pharmacy area, something catches my eye.

Out of the corner of my eye, I start seeing skulls. No, not real ones! Rememeber, this is CVS not Wal-Mart. These are decorations. Skull lights, skull ornaments, talking skulls. And, they're not alone. There's spiders with them and ghosts, too! Then I see the wind-up walking Frankenstein toys and, of course, baskets full of bags of candy.

So, it hits me. This is all crap for Halloween. But, its only freakin' August. Is all this junk going to be hanging on the shelves for over two months?

I like Halloween, I really do. When I was a kid I loved making my own costumes, fake blood, fangs, everything. One year, I had a Frankenstein mask to die for. The Universal Studios Frank. Then, in the late '70's, us babyboomers took over Halloween as party time. I went to some killer parties. Plus, Halloween was always a great time to crash parties. The masks? Nobody could tell who you were? Are you following me here?

Yes, there were some great times at Halloween. Making costumes, planning parties, there had to be some time to prepare. Maybe a couple of weeks! Not two plus months! What the hell is going on here? I start thinking about this and I'm saying to myself, what about this freakin' candy. This stuff is sitting out here for over two months? Or, is it? So, retailers have caught on. You like Halloween, we'll give you Halloween. People are going to buy this candy in August, start having a nibble or two and they'll be back in a couple of weeks for three more bags. The night before the little goblins show up at the door, they'll be running out for more.

They do have us trained, don't they. Folks will be hanging those decorations in the front windows right after Labor Day weekend. Those bite-sized Butterfingers will be showing up at the office in no time. But, I'll still have my fun. The fake blood is coming out, I'll find my fangs, I'll get a CD with spooky music and come All Hallow's Eve I'll be scaring the bejeesus out of those little urchins!

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