Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't Look a Gift in the Beak

So it seems KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken for you traditionalists is stirring up a little controversy. They have this campaign going on where they sell pink buckets of they're famous fried chicken parts. 50 cents from the sale of each of these buckets is donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization. The Komen group does extensive funding into the research to cure breast cancer.

Well a lot of advocates for curing this disease think this is just wrong. They site the horrible fat content of the Colonel's chicken as being a great health concern in itself. Duh! Do they think that people who normally chow down on yogurt and granola are suddenly going to rush out to KFC for a bucket of wings so they can help the cause?

This is money that Komen did not have before and they have now. In fact, so far it is 2.3 million dollars of money they did not have before. Is KFC chicken bad for you? Well, its not part of the South Beach Diet! Do you think this is a marketing ploy from this fast food chain? Well, yeah, you can bet you chicken rump that it is. But, it is also a donation to a worthwhile organization trying to make a difference in this disease.

Yeah, there's stuff out there that people consume that ain't good for them. A campaign like this is not going to change habits. If your the type that watches what you eat, try to live healthy your not gonna start sucking down buckets of fried chicken. And, you know what, if your already shopping at the Colonel's, enjoy your wings and thanks for the half a buck!

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John Nestor said...

If you want to see some really unhealthly looking specimens, try shopping for groceries at a health food store.

I used to find myself at the Bread and Circus in Cambridge (by virtue of unfortunate circumstances.... but that's another story) and the people there seemed so frail and pastey.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into a "Double Down".
- Johnny N.