Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Just a Couple of Months

A couple of months. That's all it took, a couple of months. I had visions of myself enjoying the feeling for... a while, not just a couple of months. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering how long it would last. Each new day, I would breath in and wonder... when will this stop. You keep it to the back of your mind though and you just enjoy. You do tend to forget about it. Every once in a while, you might buckle up and it comes back to you and you just crack a little smile.

However, that day comes. You climb into that vehicle that you're starting to get very comfortable with and you notice. For the first time, something is missing. You notice, this now just smells like your car. It's not a bad smell, I keep the car clean. But, it's not that new car smell!

Dealerships must have cans of this stuff to spray into cars. Nowadays, even used cars, I'm sorry, previously owned vehicles come with that new car smell. There is a feeling, though. A feeling that you get sitting in the car and smelling that smell. And, after you sign those papers, you drive off the lot and that baby is now yours, you take pride in that smell. When friends get in for their first ride, they've looked around the car and given you an approving nod, then they settle in and you watch as they start to fill their lungs. Then, they look over at you and you see the hint of a smile. Yeah, that's a new car smell.

Well, you get to enjoy that smell every time you open the door and step in. As the days go by, you drive along and that new car smell is giving you a feeling that has a smile stuck to it. You don't have to smile, you're just tooling around and that smile is planted in your head somewhere. You enjoy the ride, you play with a few gadgets on the dash, you give a glance into the back seat, you might even go a week without opening the windows, maybe two weeks. You get in, you get out, you get back in, you're thinking to yourself, this car is really something. The thing is, a lot of that might just be because of that new car smell.

Of course, then you really do start to take ownership of car. You not only transport yourself from work and back, you start to do errands. You do the grocery shopping. You pick up a few things at Home Depot. You get dressed up for a night out with the wife, you might even decide its time to take a little trip. Maybe, just a couple of days. A night or two at that motel/resort you've been to before. Well, maybe that's when it starts to wear off. Now, you're carrying a few things with their own special aroma, shall we say. You've had some fruits and vegetables in there, you've traveled with a couple of different coats, oh yeah, you had to bring laundry back with you, but it was a nice trip.

So, that's what happens and one day after work, you open the door, you get in, buckle up and you notice it's not there. You take a couple of extra sniffs. Nope, it's gone. That new car smell is no longer there. Yeah, there's a little feeling of melancholy, a little something has worn off your new toy. But, now, you can really start to fall in love with this machine. Now, you start really settling in and getting comfortable. This is the car you wanted. You might even start adjusting the bass and treble. You're not really adding any unpleasant odors, you're just putting your own unique stamp on the vehicle.

And, you know what, if you really find yourself missing that new car smell, I really do think the dealerships have it in spray can form.

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