Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maybe I Need to Invest in Combat Gear

I've been doing a lot of bicycling lately. Ten to fifteen years ago, I got into mountain biking. I got a rugged bike and I rode through the dirt roads and trails of the Lynn Woods Reservation. It was really quite exhilarating. I also could have broke my damned neck.

I survived though and twelve years ago I moved from Lynn to Beverly. In the past dozen years, I got away from the bicycle. I had things to do in the new house. I also got lazy, I just found more sedentary things to do. The couch became very comfortable.

Well, I've turned a new leaf this year. I bought a lighter bike, more suited to riding the roads. And, there are plenty of roads to ride on throughout Cape Ann. Sunday mornings during this summer have been a pleasure, riding through the hamlets of Wenham, Hamilton and Essex. Sunday drivers seem to be quite respectful of us cyclists. We share the road in harmony.

Taking the bike out during the middle of the week is another story completely. I understand people have stressful lives. Work weeks don't always go well. Hey, that's why I'm on the freakin' bike in the first place. But, driving close to the curb, accelerating to make it to a corner before I get there. I'm sorry, but this shit doesn't make it. The time will come when I have to fight back.

When I was much younger, I remember riding my bike with combat boots from my Army days. I was known to occasionally strike out at a car or two if they got too close. Now, that I'm older and much more mature I can't envision myself doing anything like that. However, if these assholes get any closer, I don't know what may happen.

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