Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Blog! What was I Thinking?

As anyone can clearly see from the entries on this blog and the dates involved, I haven't exactly been a fountain of literature here. I started this page while in a whimsical mood, thinking I would make periodical entries commenting on things I come across in my daily travels.
I thought the title would kind of speak for itself. I certainly think of life as one hell of a journey and I feel I've not exactly traveled it in 1st class. Steerage seemed appropriate. I probably would have gotten along quite well with the folks who traveled in steeerage back in the days of the steamships.
Anyway, I thought I would be writing interesting observations as I travel life's highways. Obviously, so far I have failed in that endeavor. So, it's about time I man up and get on with this thing. Or, just call it quits and crawl away as the little lightweight I may be.

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