Friday, October 28, 2011

Snow Blind

There has been a lot of talk about snow in the last couple of days. It seems like as soon as the meteorologists predicted the possibility of a little wet snow for Thursday evening, the talking heads on every newscast have tossed that four letter word around like a hot potato.

Snow has become a four letter word, hasn't it. Just the mention of it, starts to freak people out. The weathermen get a chubby when they see it in the forecast and the news anchors repeat it over and over trying to scare the shit out of us.

This is New England. And, as far as I can remember once you have a few bare trees there's always a possibility of a few snow flakes. At what point did we start fearing snow like we did polio in the '50's? The newscasters are the ones breeding this fear. By Tuesday, they were all into it. "There's SNOW in the forecast!", "Yes, folks, we are going to have SNOW in October!" I think they are tying to send some people into shock. Drive by a supermarket and I'm not sure they haven't succeeded.

A rush on the stores is a byproduct of the snow scare. The snow word is bantered about and people are immediately out to stores for milk, bread, candles, batteries, shovels, as though they may not be able to make to Shaw's for a week. When did New Englanders become such pussies when it comes to snow?

Yeah, its snow. But, its still October! Whatever we get will no doubt melt before it hits the ground. If it does stick, it won't last through the next day. Why are we freaking over less than an inch of snow? Just wait until January, then we'll see some hysteria.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Blog! What was I Thinking?

As anyone can clearly see from the entries on this blog and the dates involved, I haven't exactly been a fountain of literature here. I started this page while in a whimsical mood, thinking I would make periodical entries commenting on things I come across in my daily travels.
I thought the title would kind of speak for itself. I certainly think of life as one hell of a journey and I feel I've not exactly traveled it in 1st class. Steerage seemed appropriate. I probably would have gotten along quite well with the folks who traveled in steeerage back in the days of the steamships.
Anyway, I thought I would be writing interesting observations as I travel life's highways. Obviously, so far I have failed in that endeavor. So, it's about time I man up and get on with this thing. Or, just call it quits and crawl away as the little lightweight I may be.