Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I visit my mother at a nursing home in Beverly, Mass. on a regular basis. The whole nursing home thing is not a great scenario and something I wish Mom was not subject to. As it stands, its the safest thing for her now and its a pretty damned nice place - as nice as those places can be.
Anyway, I drive by Dunham Road on my way to the home. Dunham Road in Beverly is where the North Shore Music Theater is and it has been great to see traffic coming in and out of Dunham Rd. Not real great for my commute but great to know that shows are going on at the theater again.
North Shore Music Theater closed last year due to financial problems. It was sad to see the curtain go down on this place. I'm by no means a regular theater goer but it was comforting to know we had this place on the North Shore where you could take in a quality musical. The venue also hosted some big name acts in a theater-in-the-round setting. It was always a good night out without having to travel into Boston.
Earlier this year, William Hanney, who also owns Theater By The Sea in Rhode Island, put up the cash to buy NSMT which by this time was owned by Citizen's Bank having acquired the theater through auction. Hanney wants to see the NSMT work on the North Shore. I do, too.
So, take in a show. I know I plan to.

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