Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Enemy at the Gate

Even though there is a lot of talk about how this country shouldn't be the policeman of the world. The fact is, we go ahead and do it. We go ahead and get ourselves involved in the affairs of other states on a regular basis. We try to make a lot of it look good by going to the UN. We see some other country that seems to be rocking the boat and we drop a dime at the UN Security Council. In a lot of instances we insist on throwing sanctions on the country causing unrest. Sometimes it leads to something more serious.

Currently the big bad guys are Iran and North Korea. These two states seem to be heading towards acquiring nuclear war heads. If these two regimes go nuclear chances are it will cause some instability. And, that's the whole idea about this policeman role we've taken on. Instability is not a good thing in this global community.

Well, if that's deal, aren't we kind of asleep on the job when it comes to our own back yard. There seems to be some heavy instability going on in Mexico and as policeman the US seems to be sitting in the donut shop. Do we know if anyone is running that country? And, who can blame the people there for fleeing to the north. Does Arizona really think they are going to stop them by putting up a No Trespassing sign?

Why isn't the US doing a little more towards stabilizing the situation in Mexico? The drug cartels now have the run of the country. They are knabbing mayors and prosicuters off the streets and executing them. Mass graves are now being found. This is our next door neighbor. You know a bar fight can many times spill out into the street. It is possible that the violence south of the border can spill into the southwest on a much larger scale than it has already.

Being the cop on the beat shouldn't we be checking on what's going on next to the station?

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