Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've Just been Wondering...

Sometimes I find myself just wondering...

I wonder how long the project to widen Route 128 through Danvers, MA is going to take. Especially since I haven't seen anyone working on it since they "started".

I wonder why a lot of people dress themselves up in expensive Red Sox shirts and hats then pay a lot of money to get a seat at Fenway Park, a really fantastic place to watch a ball game, and then spend most of the game traveling back and forth from concession stands with enough food for a week. Many of them have no idea what the score of the game is.

I wonder why it is that many of the people complaining about President Obama not doing enough about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are the same people who don't what the government interfering with business.

I wonder about the future of the country when I go into a Dunkin' Donuts and pick up coffee and muffins, ring up a tab of $16.33, hand the young cashier a twenty along with 35 cents and watch the confused look on her face.

I wonder if Congressman John Teirney realizes that an awful lot of signs for Rebulican Bill Hudak are cropping up in his district and I wonder if he happened to follow the campaign for Ted Kennedy's open senate seat.

I wonder if the Boston Celtics can win one more game.

I wonder if the Boston Red Sox are going to be a serious contender this year.

I wonder if those straight edged knit ties will ever come back in style. I still have quite a few.

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Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of a freaking tie anyway???? When I am king of the world, they will be outlawed.