Monday, May 24, 2010

Use It or Lose It

I've toyed with the idea of entering the PanMass Challenge. This is a bicycle ride from Sturbridge, Massachusetts to Provincetown, Cape Cod also in Massachusetts. The ride is a benefit to raise money for cancer research. It's a long ride and it takes two days.

I actually first thought of getting into this bike ride a few years ago while staying at my brother-in-law's place on Cape Cod. Back then when I stayed on the Cape, I always brought my bike. I would get up in the morning and ride 25 miles before breakfast. Then, maybe another ride later in the day with my nephews.

I haven't been on the bike in almost 4 years. Today I took a ride for less than an hour. I'm not going to make that PanMass Challenge this year.

If you used to do something a lot and then you don't do it for a long time well, you seem to lose some of the ability you might have had. Judging from today's ride it will take a while before I get much of that ability back.

But, this was just day one, damn it. And, I am determined that there will at least be a day two!

1 comment:

Mike said...

I was once like you are now.

Now, I am an 8 year rider.