Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Grass is always Greener

It has really been a fantastic spring weekend here on Boston's Northshore. The weather was great. People were out doing outside things all weekend. Saturday, I took advantage of the sunshine and started sprucing up the yard. It was great weather to do a little weeding, some transplanting, I even got the edger out and redefined a few borders around the yard.

So, after putting in a productive day in the yard, I also surrounded the garden in chicken wire to keep the critters away from the lettuce, I felt Sunday should be set aside for something restful. Sundays have been reserved recently as visiting days with my mother. Mom has set up residency in a nursing home since fracturing her hip last December. I visit a lot of other days, too! It's just that Sunday, well, it's the formal visit day. The weather being as nice as it was, I felt it would be great to get Mom out into the fresh air.

We decided to go for a little drive. I had no destination in mind, I just sort of drove through Cape Ann trying to keep the ocean in sight so my mother had something to look at. The funny thing is I had something to look at. Like I said, this was meant to be restful so I wasn't deep in thought or conversation, just a little light chatter. But what struck me was just how nice this area is.

Sometimes you travel and you see some pretty awesome stuff. And, you might even get comments from your significant other, "Honey, what would you think about living here?" when traveling. But, when it comes down to it, I really like where I'm at. I just need to go out and appreciate it more.

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John Nestor said...

For about 10 years I lived in a suitcase. Traveled all over the US. It was interesting, but I learned that we are just damn lucky to be born and live in the best part of the country.

Boston has character and substance and when you add in the seashore, Cape, White Mountains, Downeast Maine, there is no comparison anywhere else in the country.