Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, this is SuperBowl week. Here in the Boston area, it doesn't seem to be as exciting as it as been in recent years. You might say, being as parochial as Bostonians are said to be, that the absence of the Patriots from the big game takes a little shimmer out of this tilt for the Lombardi Trophy.

Still, it is the SuperBowl and not just some run of the mill NFL game. This is the Big One! This is an event! The all day pregame shows! The commercials! The possible boob shot! Well, no, not anymore, not with the NFL's seven second delay thanks to Ms. Jackson.

But, it is an event. And, this year, the big story line is - The Saints! Just a few years ago, the New Orleans Saints fans wore paperbags over their heads and called their team "The Aint's". That was then, this is now! Now, the Saints are in their first SuperBowl and the fans are frothing and the mouth for a win to coincide with Mardi Gras week. Bring that trophy back home and the Cresent City will party till saints come marching in!

They just have to beat the Indianapolis Colts. Oh, well, I hear funerals in New Orleans are pretty wild.

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