Monday, December 21, 2009

The Winter Solstice

Ok, so winter has officially begun. Isn't it a bit odd that Christmas and New Year's, a couple of holidays we associate with winter are only like in the first week of winter. It seems like they ought to be in the middle of the winter months in order to give us a little rivalry during these long cold days. I mean, what are we left with, Ground Hog's Day? Mardi gras is out there, but it really hasn't caught on outside of the Big Easy.

I think we ought to change Christmas. I'm thinking sometime in the middle of January. New Year's can stay the same, it's a given. Besides, you can keep New Year's at the end of December and it could act as a prelude to the Christmas season.

Now, we can keep the religious tie in. It's not like His birth hasn't been changed in the past. But, I really think this will help the winter flow rather nicely. We build up the Winter Solstice, this will bring in the Greenpeace types, you have New Year's, that's a no-brainer, then follow it up with the king of holidays - Christmas!

I think the retailers are going to love this!

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