Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Removal

A snowstorm is definitely a nuisance. It can wreak havoc on well made plans. It lengthens travel time and puts the traveler at risk. You put several heavy snowstorms together in a winter and it certainly mucks up city and state budgets

Somehow, though, if a snowstorm hits in the middle of a weekend, it doesn't seem so bad. Yeah, its still going to take a bite ot of the budget, but the average homeowner seems a little less stressed if there's some extra time to clean up the white fluffy stuff. You can sort of watch the storm for a while, have a second cup of coffee and attack the snow on your own terms.

Another benefit to weekend storm, is that it gives us one of the few opportunities to actually mingle with our neighbors. You know, those people that live in those houses that surround yours. It's funny how something that ruins what plans you may have had can get you to know some folks that you have a lot in common with. Most of the time, we just give a friendly wave to our neighbors as we rush out to our jobs and appointments. But, a weekend snowstorm gives us a chance to slow down, you shovel your steps then you look up to see how the other guy's doing. Sometimes, you might actually team up and go after one lot at a time.

In the midst of all this snow removal, something happens. A bond can be created between folks that live in the same community. You know, there may be some reality to Global Warming, so we ought not to depend on a snowstorm to go out and meet our neighbors!

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