Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Have you ever started out to do something, something you think is just an awsome idea. You think to yourself that this is a great idea and everyone will love it. You might even run it by folks you work with and they pump you up telling you, that is a great idea.

Then you spill it on your loved ones, the family that you've planned to be part of this notion of yours. In fact, the idea was meant to be for them. A little something to bring the clan together. Then, your hit with a barrage of negativity. No, they say, that is not a very good idea at all. You can't seriously be thinking of doing that.

Your left thinking, how the hell could they not think this would be great. People that your suppose to know well and their suppose to know you. How could the wires get so crossed. After all, you wanted to do this out of love for the people you care about. Don't they understand!

This communication thing can be a real puzzle sometimes.

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